Meet the Team

They can’t wait to meet you!

Sheeba – Executive Officer

Five-year-old Australian Kelpie. Sheeba spends her day rounding up the sheep. What for? Who knows.

Harlow – Concierge

12 month old Maltese princess, cute, cuddly, and our energiser bunny.

Percy – Surveillance Officer

Every night as the sun goes down Percy the platypus begins his rounds of Scott’s Rivulet. He’s very stealthy. Can you spot him?

Sparkles – Groundskeeper

She keeps the grass short and morale high. Sparkles is the oldest of our four sheep. She’s often being shadowed by a sweet little black-faced lamb.

Donkey and Chester – HR Managers

They might be miniature in size but they make up for it with their huge personalities! Give them a carrot and you will be forever loved.

Mo – Apprentice Groundskeeper

When Mo isn’t doing backflips off stumps or trying to climb trees, he’s keeping our favourite plants trimmed right back. Thanks, Mo.

Chooks – Production Assistants

These girls work day and night to produce the tastiest eggs for your plate! The most golden of yolks. The finest in all the lands. 

Pea Pea – Event Management

Pea Pea has been training his entire life for these events. And boy can he put on a good show. “Shake it, baby!”

Dick – The Village Idiot

What can we say? We should have known what we were getting ourselves into when we hired Richard. He truly is one terribly unfortunate-looking bird.

Churchill – The camp bugler

Sebastopol Geese – Swimming Instructors

Trevor – Carrot Thief

Native Fauna & Flora

Tasmania is renowned for its unique fauna and flora, many with ancient Gondwanan origins. Twelve bird species, three frogs, five species of mammals, over 500(!) plant species, and numerous invertebrates are endemic to Tasmania, meaning that they are found nowhere else in the world – not even Mainland Australia!

Tasmanian Pademelon
(Thylogale billardierii)

This cute and much smaller relative of the iconic Wallaby can only be found in Tasmania. As the sun begins to set, you’ll often see them chomping on plants around the river’s edge. Cuteness really peaks in September when Spring bubs begin exploring beyond the pouch. Image: Sean Crane Photography

Pink Robin
(Petroica rodinogaster)

Keep an eye out for these pink fluffballs flitting amongst the trees. While rare visitors to Kymmik Cottage you can reliably find them 30 minutes away in Ida Bay or near Hastings Caves. Their cousins, the Scarlet Robin, are commonly spotted around the cottage. Image: Daniel Appleby Photography

Embellished velvet ant (Ephutomorpha picta)

There are many native insects hiding in our Eucalyptus/Acacia forest. This strikingly beautiful critter is not really an ant but a wingless female wasp! She is named after the Latin ‘picta’ meaning painted and embellished, due to her flashy ensemble. Don’t worry she is very tiny and not at all scary. Image: Nick Porch Photography

Tanglefoot Beech (Nothofagus gunnii)

This is Australia’s only cold-climate, winter-deciduous tree with leaves that turn golden and fall off completely. They’re an endemic Tasmanian species found only in alpine regions of the state. Find them putting on a mighty show in Autumn on the dolerite landscape of Mount Field National Park.

Tassy Blue Gum (Eucalyptus globulus)

This tall gumtree is the official floral emblem of Tasmania and the dominant tree in our tall forest. Its sweet and subtle scent is the first thing you’ll notice as you step out of your car. Our bees love feeding on their flowers, which gives our honey its distinctive flavour. Look at those cute glaucous gumnuts!

Flying Duck Orchid (Caleana major)

We couldn’t believe this orchid was real either. Look at that gorgeous thing! These inimitable orchids can be seen between September and January, and grow in clusters in Eucalypt woodlands, coastal and swampy shrublands, and heathlands – one of tassie’s many hidden treasure. Image: David Kleinart