Local Attractions

Kymmik Cottage is situated deep in the Huon Valley with access to many world-renowned tourist attractions and the best that Southern Tasmania has to offer. Please have a read of the descriptions below or follow the links to learn more. Links will open in a new window.

Hartz Mountains National Park overlooks Tasmania’s south-west wilderness and offers great walks and stunning views of remote mountain ranges that stretch as far as the southern coast. The park at the southern end of the Huon Valley is part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.

Image: Alex Wise Photography

For a small island, it might surprise you to find there are more caves (300!) in Tasmania than anywhere in Australia – and Tassie has the deepest, longest and wildest of them all. Wild Cave Tours can take as few as two people on half-day guided tours of stream caves, glow-worm chambers and honeycombed hills in some of these lesser-known wild caves.

Most people have heard of the northern lights but are surprised to learn of the southern lights, Aurora Australis, and you can see them year-round in Tasmania (best viewing is June through August on a clear night). Cockle Creek, a scenic 1-hour drive South of Geeveston is the best place in Tasmania to view them, and is also the most southern point in Australia.

Image: Jenne via Flickr

A Parks and Wildlife Service guide will lead you through a living and breathing ecosystem that boasts an identity like no other. This is an opportunity to immerse yourself in an ancient yet ever-changing environment. You will discover within the dolomite cave spectacular subterranean formations including flowstone, stalactites, columns, shawls, straws, stalagmites and the unusual helictites.

Roaring Beach is the only surfing beach on the western side of Tasman Peninsula. The 900 m long southwest-facing beach is located on the more exposed western coast 5 km west of Nubeena, with access to a high car park via the Roaring Bay Road. The beach receives waves averaging up to 1.5 m increasing in height up the beach.

A private tour of the Raptor Refuge is unforgettable! It’s a unique opportunity to see the raptor rehabilitation facility first-hand, where they’ve helped injured birds of prey return to the wild for over 20 years.